This is what Fernando Colunga looks like in his new villain role

This is what Fernando Colunga looks like in his new villain role

Fernando Colunga Known for his many performances as the heart of a soft-spoken soap opera, he’s giving a touch to his image in his new project.

In his role as the villain in the Netflix series, the Mexican actor becomes a murderous kidnapper in the series El secreto de la familia Greco.

Although Kolonga has been absent from the cameras for years, he has returned to the surprise of his followers who have been waiting for his return.

El secreto de la familia Greco is produced by Telemundo for Netflix and has just been released on the streaming platform.

The star managed to impress her fans by appearing in a completely changed physical appearance, she has a thick belly, gray hair, and a face full of wrinkles and the typical spots of aging.

He explained that “what the audience is looking for is that you have a fresh proposition, that you always do your best to entertain and amuse.”

“What we do is renovate and build and try to keep up with what’s going on so they can have different entertainment,” Colunga added.

What character does Fernando Colunga play?

The 56-year-old Mexican interpreter plays Aquiles Greco, a retired police officer who becomes a criminal.

According to People It’s a True Story, this time the artist doesn’t come to win hearts, but to show the patriarch’s immoral side to an apparently perfect family.

This man named Achilles, in the midst of an economic crisis, decides to dedicate himself to kidnapping wealthy people to preserve his lifestyle and social status thanks to the money from the ransom.

In addition to the physical change, the character’s personality is far removed from that of the actor himself, as he is a misogynist, authoritarian, and foul-mouthed man.

The story is attractive but before the drastic change and the different opinions of fans and critics on the show, Fernando Colunga confirmed.

“I don’t think of rejection. On the contrary, I put myself on the side of the spectator and am grateful when my favorite actor tries to find a new path.”

Main news source: People

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