This is what the science, technology and innovation zone in Bogota – Bogota will look like

This is what the science, technology and innovation zone in Bogota – Bogota will look like

The Economic Development Secretariat, the Chamber of Commerce and Corferias are the entities responsible for delivery to the capital Science, Technology and Innovation District. Through a competition, the consortium responsible for the architectural design of the project was identified.

A jury of five architects participated in the competition With recognized and vast experience in the national and international arena. Ignacio Mayor Marcos from Spain, Cristian Onoraga Saavedra from Chile, Rodrigo Rubio Vollert, Juan Pablo Ortiz Suarez and Leonardo Alvarez Ypez, all three from Colombia. They were responsible for the detailed evaluation of the four proposals that were involved.

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The Mazzzanti – Gensler Federation was the winner of this competitionconsisting of the Mazzanti team, led by architect Giancarlo Mazzanti and global architecture, design and planning firm, Gensler.

The proposal emerged to present a design that functions as a system that can be adapted to the future phases and development needs of the complex. With a special treatment of the public space that permeates the infrastructure, it flows through the small squares into the interior of the building, providing unconventional meeting spaces and creative friction that climbs through the interior of the building, promoting a new, typical urban dimension,” explained the secretariat.

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The design also reflects a strong image through its facade that brings the tradition of Bogotá bricks with an innovative technique that forms a texture on the exterior of the building.

“also, The winning proposal encourages meeting and interaction between various actorsboth those who are involved in the private and public areas of the building, which is essential in innovation processes and the development of new scientific and technological proposals,” the authority stated.

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Months ago, the Economic Development Secretariat of Bogotá stated that the building will have an area of ​​400,000 square meters and is expected to be delivered in 2026.

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