La Jornada – IPN medical students demand the reopening of clinical practice sites

La Jornada – IPN medical students demand the reopening of clinical practice sites

La Jornada newspaper
Friday, 02 September 2022, p. 30

The students of the Higher School of Medicine (ESM) of the National Polytechnic held a meeting yesterday in which they decided taking From campus management, in addition to making various academic demands, among them the reopening of all clinical practice sites.

Gabriel Orozco, a student studying medicine and midwifery, explained in an interview that one of the main demands of ESM students is that the so-called “clinical areas” – that is, hospitals where students in their last semesters carry out training exercises – have reopened, some of which have been closed, especially since The start of the Covid-19 epidemic.

According to the student, some of the twenty fields that were available were almost naturally canceled, without the students knowing exactly why, while in others there are no conditions for young people to conduct their internships, since there are no rooms in which they can be. Receive.

After the assembly was completed, the campus management was taken “Peacefully” by some members of the Student Committee, while the head of the school, Salvador Lara Franco, left the building, without suspending academic activities yet.

To date, there are three IPN schools without indefinite classes; Within two strikes, there was a 24-hour or 48-hour strike, and in another four there would be rallies to decide if schools existed. take two Or take some other action.

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