What is the Munic 2022 project that will be presented at the Ignacio de la Llave and Coco Theater in Orizaba? – Sun Orizaba

What is the Munic 2022 project that will be presented at the Ignacio de la Llave and Coco Theater in Orizaba?  – Sun Orizaba

Orizaba, Ver. – With capsules, documentaries, short films, storytelling, plays, workshops on technology, women in science, innovation and environmental culture, takes place in Orizaba The National Exhibition of Scientific Pictures (Munic) targets girls, boys and young adults.

Alejandra Almazan, A member of the Chema Tierra project, part of the project Munich 2022said the exhibition focuses on children and young adults who get a little closer to scientific issues, addressing them not in a boring way as we think science is, but from a more dynamic and fun perspective.

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The exhibition started with a story Why is the earth moving?”, which deals with earthquakes. The topic is approached in a dynamic and interesting way so that the children are introduced to this phenomenon, and do not frighten them, but, on the contrary, know what to do before, during and after. In this way, boys and girls receive this information in a fun way.

What other activities have been introduced to attract children and young people to science topics?

They also made a post with Short films and documentaries about women in science, In addition to capsules such as: “Tell us where you live and we will tell you about the natural phenomenon you are exposed to”, to make them aware of their physical environment and prepare for natural phenomena.

The workshops will cover topics such as spaceships They will hear why man wants to conquer Mars; Another program will motivate children to take on science projects and dare exploration.

pointing to that it is necessary to make children aware of issues related to science, and above all to make them see that girls can also study these issues, and not only boys; “It is an opportunity for girls to know what is going on and have the opportunity to develop in this field“.

Mentionsed This is one of the The main distraction is the cell phoneHowever, this technology should not be seen as a barrier but as a tool. “Yes, you have to have restrictions on using it, but you have to use it as a tool to get closer to science.”

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Activities that are part of the Monique were carried out on Friday in Ignatius Key Theater And on Saturday and Sunday in Orizaba Convention Center Coco, documentaries and short films on scientific topics will be shown. Access to this is free.

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