This is what you need to earn to be global middle class, global upper middle class, global upper class.

This is what you need to earn to be global middle class, global upper middle class, global upper class.

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Thanks to measurements carried out by bodies such as the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), with indicators such as economic deciles, people can find out whether they belong to Lower, middle or upper class Based on their income, but what is happening at the global level? The Pew Research Center has determined when people need to earn money to belong to one of those classes.

he Pew Research Center It is an independent data organization that has general information on current trends around the world. In 2020, it evaluated the income of people around the world and considered that Only 17% of the world's population can be considered middle classThey earn between $10 and $20 a day on average, or 170 to 340 pesos (at the current exchange rate).

How much money do you need to be part of the global upper middle class?

First of all, according to Pew Research Center calculator, a person who earns 10,000 pesos per month in a family of four belongs to the low-income group; On the other hand, if a woman or man earns 20,000 pesos per month and lives in a house with four people, this income corresponds to the income of an upper-class person.

This is completely changing United StateBecause according to data from the same source, a person who earns $1,175 per month (about 20,000 pesos) in a family of four is a low-income person; Middle-class people in the “neighboring country to the north” earn at least $5,000…about 85,000 pesos per month!

In case United kingdomPeople who earn 3,000 pounds a month, or 65,610 pesos at the current exchange rate, can be considered middle class. While in case Japanindividuals must receive at least 500,000 yen per month, which is about 55,000 pesos at the current exchange rate according to Banxico.

Globally, on average, people earn an average of $20 per day; Between $20 and $50 per month is classified as medium to high income, i.e. up to 850 pesos per day (depending on the current exchange rate).

How high class do you need to be in the world?

in the middle, People who earn more than $50 a day (850 pesos or more) are considered upper class or high-income people.According to the Pew Research Center stations. If the monthly salary is taken into account, in a household of four people, 80,000 pesos per month is considered a high-income person.

In the estimates made on United StateAccording to the same source, a family of four who receives $8,000 a month (about 136,000 pesos) can be classified as upper class. In the UK, this bonus should be 6 thousand pounds per month (just over 126 thousand pesos).

In the case of Japan, according to the calculator, a family of four can be considered high-income when they earn 750,000 yen per month (about 82,500 pesos). It's important to specify that these numbers for determining whether people are upper middle class, upper middle class, or upper class are estimates, based on data from the Pew Research Center in 2020.

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