This was the attack on the helicopter Ivan Duque was traveling in


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The villagers captured the moment of the attack on the chief ColombiaAnd the Evan Duque, when he was going to the airport in Cúcuta, the border city with Venezuela, in the Norte de Santander region.

Evan Duque was attacked while traveling by helicopter He was accompanied by the Ministers of Interior and Defense, but the president was unharmed, according to a report that came minutes after the attack.

The Colombian president described the attack ascowardly attackThe security apparatus and the aircraft’s energy prevented anything fatal from happening.”

The helicopter in which Ivan Duque was traveling resulted in several injuries

The glossy, polished gray rivet backed plate of a Colombian Air Force helicopter In which President Ivan Duque was traveling, he was transmitted through many influences. The paint was peeling off and many internal items were exposed after the attack.

Official reports indicate that the President of Colombia was flying over the Norte de Santander region when bullets intercepted his flight without causing an immediate interruption, although the damage was noted in the first photos circulated through the media and social networks.


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