Thousands of COVID-19 vaccines are wasted in Africa


Thousands of doses of the antiviral vaccine are wasted in many countries in Africa for various reasons. COVID-19Because in many places it is corrupted or destroyed Because people are not vaccinated.

according to him Dr. Austin Dembe from Sierra Leone, told the Associated Press that about 32000 vaccines Of the 96000 the country owns, will be left unused before its expiration date.

This is according to the official, many people They refuse to vaccinate, because they feel that COVID-19 is not that dangerous Like the Ebola virus that hit the region a few years ago. Some people think it might be an experience.

The coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca is the most widely used in Africa. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena, file)

“People are concerned that this is another public experiment that they want to do with our people,” the official said.

In Africa, through the initiative COVAX, many countries have received doses of Vaccine AstraZeneca And in some places, they tried to apply it, in other places Rather, they are destroying it like Malawi and Sudan, where it could not be used and was spoiled.

Many people do not want a COVID-19 vaccine in Africa

This is what a lot of people think so Vaccines are harmful to health More than the disease itself. This kind of news spread to many countries and affected the vaccination campaign.

“The world hasn’t been able to find a vaccine against AIDS in all these years, but it soon found a vaccine for Covid-19! I won’t get that vaccine,” said Richard Bell, an electrician from Uganda, who fears the harm the vaccine might cause.

In Africa at least 4.5 million cases of COVID-19, This is not a significant unreported number. In addition, to date, 120 thousand people have died from the disease.

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