Thousands of people protest in front of the US Capitol against inequality in the United States

Thousands of people protest in front of the US Capitol against inequality in the United States

Thousands of people gathered this Saturday in front of the United States Capitol Building They demand a “moral revival” in the country and sue Better treatment of the poor in the world’s largest economywhich records low unemployment figures but strong inequalities and hyperinflation.

“There’s a lot of stuff hidden,” he explained to Evie. “Sometimes the owners of businesses tell you that they give you, in my case, a salary of one and a half thousand dollars, but they withhold five hundred in taxes.” Carlos Rojas, a worker in the restaurant business who came from Pennsylvania to To demand better rights for immigrants.

Carlos’ demands are only part of the messages heard, as the rally organizers, Poor campaignTry to bring together different social movements around defending the social rights of the poor or the low-paid.

Many of the signs can read “We are 140 million poor and low-paid” People waved in front of the podium, as a procession of religious and social leaders and activists delivered speech after speech calling for “reduce greed” from businessmen and greater social protection for workers.

One of those employees, a man from North Carolina, told Evie that he had come with his organization to Ask for better working conditions for workers Your state and fight for unions.

There were also protesters wearing T-shirts for the LGTBI groupsome with messages in favor of political candidates, others with the name of the organization or country they represent.

In addition, among the posters that rose from the crowd, the names of different states of the country could be read, such as Maryland, Kansas, Illinois or Florida, indicating the origin of the protesters.

Registered in the US since March Unemployment rate of 3.6%, which is very close to the minimum for the past 50 yearswhich were reached in February 2020 (3.5%), although these numbers are higher for African Americans and Latinos (6.2% and 4.3%, respectively).

However, many Americans worry about the economy because of the historical rise in inflation: most people think it is The ‘biggest problem’ facing the countryaccording to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in May.

US President Joe Biden has declared curbing inflation his top economic priority, and the Federal Reserve this week raised interest rates by 0.75% – the largest increase in 28 years – in the hope of ending a runaway rise in consumer prices in the country.

The Poor People’s Campaign is based on a similar 1968 initiative led by Martin Luther KingWhich culminated in a march through Washington to demand that the government confront the economic inequality that exists in the country.

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