Tik Tok. A woman unknowingly holds a baby octopus: it was a kind of deadly octopus


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Do you like animals? If your answer is positive, then you should take something into consideration: Don’t touch it if you don’t know what species it isWell, it might be too dangerous. This happened to a tourist – in Indonesia – from Without knowing it, he went through one of the most dangerous moments of his life. what happened? It was found out The woman held in her hands a small, seemingly innocuous octopus. It was later discovered that it was one of the deadliest marine creatures in the world. So, she shared her on TikTok to alert her audience and make sure she was a survivor.

she was Via TikTok This moment is now visible in the user account MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen-. The woman shared a video of her discovery. He held the little octopus in his hands, That was not bigger than the palm of his hand. The brown animal showed several black circles as it crawled. In addition to spraying water.

Everything was fine until he began to investigate what was in his hands. And so the woman found out It was about a blue-throated octopus, Recognized as one of the deadliest animals in the world, because with its poison it can kill 26 people.

Plus your bite might be unnoticed, so it might be too late. For this reason, share the following with the Octopus video on TikTok:

“The blue-ringed octopus, despite its small size, carries enough toxin to kill 26 adults within minutes. Its parts are small and often painless, and many victims are not aware that they have been poisoned. Until respiratory depression and paralysis begins there is no antidote available for the octopus. Blue rings. ” Mutual.

In this regard, specialist group Ocean Conservancy joined the alert and wrote what this animal’s venom could cause:

“First, the toxin blocks nerve signals throughout the body, causing muscle numbness.”

Among other effects, this appears to be harmless The animal finds vision loss or blindnessLoss of senses and loss of motor skills.

Upon discovering a lot of information about the animal she was in, the young woman said she was terrified:

“I called my father and he is crying after 3 hours,” The young lady said.

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