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In Argentina, a man thought he had set an appointment with A. 12-year-old girlBut when he went to meet his prey, the girl’s family Set it And beating him brutally, he ended up disfiguring his face.

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As mentioned ClarionThe events took place last weekend in El Dorado, in northern Misiones County.

Before the date, a 25-year-old man contacted a 12-year-old girl through a social network. When the conversation took on a sexual tone, the minor told her mother.

It was then that the mother decided to impersonate her daughter, to play and discover the true intentions of the subject. They agreed on a date last Sunday near a football stadium.

When the man went to the appointment, he noticed a woman who approached him to scold him. The subject tried to escape, but a group of family and friends They ambushed him And they managed to catch up with him.

Then the man was beaten, leaving his face mutilated. Although it looked as though they would end up executing him without trial, the family chose to hand him over to the local police. The mother accompanied her daughter to file a complaint with the Eldorado Women’s Police Station.

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