AMLO. The United States will “not reprimand” Mexico for handling the immigration issue


President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Those who believe it are confirmed United State Will “scold” Mexico To manage Immigration issue.

“I make this clear, because our opponents, the reactionary conservatives and the spokesmen for the Vevey press always imagine that they will come from the United States to scold us as Krause did, and for President Biden to come to our attention or to get into something that does not deserve concessions or negotiations. It is wrong.”

Today Roberta JacobsonCoordinator of Southern Border Affairs for the United States government, and will meet with the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard To address Immigration strategy Between the two countries.

In his press conference at the National Palace, the head of the executive said that Mexico has a relationship of mutual respect with the United States.

“We are very grateful to the United States government for not interfering or not violating our constitutional principles of foreign policy.”

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President Lopez Obrador indicated that in his recent conversation with President Biden he reaffirmed a commitment to respecting the sovereignty of our country.

“Let us understand that we are not establishing unworthy relationships with any government, or with any interest group that has been created.”


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