The most powerful army in the world is no longer the United States. He is from China. The Russian is the third and they follow him …


A study indicates that in a hypothetical military conflict, “China will win by sea and the United States by air and Russia by land.”

China, March 22nd (RT). – China Have Military force stronger than GlobalismIt would have a significant advantage in the hypothetical state of military conflict, according to a recent study published by Military Direct.

A group of defense specialists ranked the 10 countries with the strongest militaries, taking into account various factors such as their budget, salaries, number of active military personnel, air, sea, land and nuclear forces.

China tops the ranking of the largest military machine on the planet, with 82 points out of 100. While the United States ranked second with 74 points, followed by Russia with 69, India with 61. Then France with 58. Likewise, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany took the following places.

Based on these scores, the study suggests, “China will be the front-runner in a major hypothetical conflict.” However, when analyzing their military capabilities separately, “China will win by sea, the United States by air, and Russia by land.”

If the confrontation were airborne, the United States would win 14,141 aircraft in total, compared to 4,682 aircraft from Russia and 3,587 from China. But in the ground conflict scenario, Russia has an advantage over other countries with 54,866 vehicles.

When it comes to the nuclear arsenal, Russia tops the list with 6,375 available nuclear weapons, followed by the United States with 5,800, and China with only 320.

In terms of military spending, the United States far exceeds all countries with a budget of $ 732 billion per year, followed by China with $ 261 billion. They concluded that “having the most money does not necessarily translate into being the most successful army, but it definitely helps.”

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