TikTok beta will expand to YouTube in the US in a few weeks


TikTok, Bytedance’s popular short-term video app, continues to rise in the ranks, being also one of the beneficiaries of the pandemic’s confinement situation, with the expectation to reach 1 billion monthly active users sometime this year, an insignificant number. .

YouTube, Google’s video platform, also wants to participate in the pie of this emerging segment, paving the way for the attempt to compete against TikTok with YouTube short, Its variant, which has been available in beta in India since last September.

According to a statement presented by the platform today:

Since the start of December, the number of Indian channels using short creators has more than tripled, and the YouTube Player Short channel now has more than 3.5 billion views per day worldwide.

Reach out to more creators to boost their competition on TikTok

So, with these favorable numbers, the platform adds in its statement that the beta phase of YouTube Short will arrive over the next few weeks for creators in the US, who will be able to use the tools they have at their disposal to create new content.

As we have already indicated on more than one occasion, the major video-creating platforms will try to keep the creators so that new content is not created on competing platforms, which is something they know completely from Youtube.

New income generation options and other developments in 2021

So in addition to bringing YouTube Short to more creators, the platform itself will try to continue seducing them with the arrival of new monetization options over the next few months, including a system through which followers can buy an animated applause to list them at the top of videos on your favorite channels, something similar to You can actually do it with Super Chat.

To that, a new shopping experience, planned for the end of this year, will also be added, which will allow creators to tag a series of products for sale available in the YouTube catalog, so that followers can purchase them through your favorite videos channels.

Currently, the YouTube product catalog is limited to beauty and electronics products, according to the trial currently in testing.

At the moment, the percentage of creators of applause and purchasing products is unknown.

YouTube is also planning to integrate the YouTube Kids whitelist system so that parents can add the channels and videos they trust, and it will also upload auto-submissions to the most relevant videos, among other novelties planned for this entire year.

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