Tinder boss admits to spending $50,000 on Clash of Clans

Tinder boss admits to spending ,000 on Clash of Clans

And now he, Bernard Kim, says he’s still embarrassed about it because the return on investment is so much lower than on dating apps.

Close-up of Bernand Kim, CEO of Match Group.

What would you spend €47,000 on if you had leftovers and couldn’t afford them? Surely before this question you will be thinking of an infinite number of things, but the truth is almost like that None of us would think of spending tons of money on a game Like Clash of Clans or any other apps, much less in apps like Tinder no matter how much you can use it “find love”.

Anyway, thanks for the edge Today we can tell you The strange story of Bernard Kim, CEO of Match Groupwho stated in a recent interview that he was very ashamed of him They admitted that he left a fortune, about $50,000, in the game Clash of clans And for about three months or so.

The story came to complement the answer to Question about business flexibility beloved from Tinder compared to strategies Freemium Video games, to which Bernard Kim responded by talking about the slowdown experienced by his apps (eg Tinder, Hinge or Match.com) in terms of income and Explain the return or reward that each experience provides us withVideo games and dating apps.

Match Group CEO said He spent in about 3 months over $50,000 to advance in Clash of ClansBut this experience still caused him shame because Nobody plays the same video game indefinitelyespecially when it is this almost addictive effect of beginnings and growth that leads us later, he said, to “Really cool wall”.

So Bernard Kim says it The video game experience is always limitedand that users are actually willing to spend a limited amount of money but must calibrate as the experience completes, since the video game Sooner or later it will be updated with a better title and more modern, Or we will get bored affiliate.

on the contrary, To experiment with its services to find a partner The CEO of Match Group told us so Bonuses can be “literally endless”Well, if we look What can come out of Tinder? The thing is Let’s meet our wife or husbandthe father or mother of our children and our partner for life.

According to the CEO of Match Group, no video game can offer us a “literally unlimited” reward like finding our husband or wife on Tinder, so they’re better off spending money on their subscriptions than a popular game called “Clash of Clans” for example. example.

Then he throws Some phrases about happiness That it’s going to give us finding a partner on Tinder and the partner that gives us winning a game in a video game, and some rants that we’re not going to comment on, well, that’s the anecdote and the thinking that, sure, Bernard Kim is right..

Our money would be better spent on Tinder than shelling out to grow quickly on a game Freemiumwhatever, what It can also lead to addictive behaviors.Although the truth is that everyone We must think carefully about where we invest our money And what makes us happy with ourselves.

Moreover, Kim’s remarks Seems more focused on investors and shareholders From end users, so you’ll tell us If you’ve used Tinder and make sense to pay the subscription for its services or to expand its functions.

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