Today Tamaulipas – Hidalgo provide more than 3 million and 189 thousand general medical consultations during the year in Hidalgo


They provide more than 3 million and 189 thousand general medical consultations during the year in Hidalgo

Even with a pandemic, in Hidalgo, the premise of providing health care to populations with diseases of another nature persists, explained the head of the State Secretariat of Health (SSH), Alejandro Efraín Benítez Herrera.

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Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo. – Even with a pandemic, in hidalgo Continuity is given to the hypothesis of providing health care to the population suffering from diseases of other nature, as explained by the chief State Secretariat of Health (SSH), Alejandro Efraín Benítez-Herrera.

According to the official, despite the fact that the interest for nearly two years in the crisis it has been going through since the emergence of COVID-19 It delayed coverage of other diseases, sector workers continued their work, and in 2021 alone, more than 3,189 thousand general and family medical consultations were provided; 285 thousand 176 specialist consultations; 99 thousand 645 dental consultations and 316 thousand 95 emergency services.

In addition, in order to provide health services to the population in hard-to-reach locations, through 25 different mobile medical units in the sector, more than 138,282 consultations were provided during the year, which contributed to the provision of medical care.

Similarly, 38 mobile medical units belonging to the health services in hidalgoThey maintain a presence in the 26 municipalities of the state, which represents a coverage in 352 districts with more than 71,200 residents of Hidalgo; Conducted 97 thousand 338 general consultations and 1000 831 dental consultations. In order to provide integrated management of chronic diseases and risk factors in adults, 47,448 screenings were made for arterial hypertension, diabetes, overweight and obesity.

Regarding the measures to take care of the health of the responsible population, the personnel of these units have joined the containment and prevention measures COVID-19 In the municipalities with the highest percentage in the state.

To enhance this interest in the population and in view of the increasing demand for consultations with specialist doctors, general policies have been established for the management of medical equipment and the standardization of the state telemedicine network, as a result, Hidalgo is the third country with the highest number of procedures in telehealth nationwide, This helps reduce access gaps in providing medical services. With the implementation of this strategy, a total of two thousand teleconsultations were given in the past five years in more than 33 specialties through 7 consulting hospitals, which are derived from the epidemic and with the aim of not suspending or reactivating medical care The tele-consultation service has been implemented in 5 medical units Specialized.

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