Today’s news October 6, 2021 What you need to know from 2:00 pm in a minute


Uno TV brings you the news The most important of October 6 in one minute until noon. Expand file information Brief summary In the following links:

Mexico recorded 7,682 cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours

  • The Ministry of Health reported that Mexico recorded 3 million 691 thousand 924 cases of the emerging coronavirus, in addition to 279 thousand and 894 deaths from the same cause.

Two catalysts experts win Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Benjamin List of Germany and David Macmillan, for developing a new tool for building molecules.

British minister confuses the term “misogyny” and rains criticism

  • British Justice Minister Dominic Raab on Wednesday mocked his description of misogyny as a “man against woman or woman against man” stance.

The case of a girl burned with a knife in Puebla: they have already arrested her grandmother

  • In Puebla, the grandmother of a girl and her mother who were burned with a knife, were arrested in Tecamachalco, deployed on September 21, linked to the operation.

Weather in Mexico: Heavy to very heavy rain

  • Weather forecast Front 2 will remain steady from the Gulf of Mexico to southern Veracruz, and will interact with a low pressure channel over Campeche Sound, resulting in heavy to very intense rain accompanied by electrical discharges in the east and southeast. of the country, including the Yucatan Peninsula.

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