They found a creature identical to a piece of sushi in Japan


Image of the article titled Creature identical to a piece of salmon sushi found in a Japanese aquarium

Although it almost looks like salmon sushi Perfect, what we see doesn’t even look like from afar. What the photo shows us is actually a real sea creature currently on display. In the Japanese aquarium.

Apparently, the marine animal has become one of the most famous inhabitants of the Fukushima Aquamarine, a large aquarium located on the east coast of Japan. as tweet From the enclosure that went viral, the aquarium crew identified the creature as an isopod, a tall order and plans which abound on land and sea.

They explain themselves that this Nigerian-shaped piece probably belongs to the genus Rosinella, which includes more than 40 species. That is, unlike many isopods that feed on dead or decaying animals, Rosinella They tend to be parasites that form comfortable homes on their backs or among the internal organs of other marine organisms.

Interestingly, even other specimens of the genus do not resemble the protagonist of the aquarium. It is usually brown in color, so it is believed that Fukushima’s famous sushi isopod was more than just a meal from one of its previous hosts. like he said vice Mai Hibino, Aquarium Keeper:

Because they are parasites, we think the color of the fish they were feeding on may have been transferred [al isópodo].

In terms of its history and how it got into the aquarium, it was caught by fishermen in a net near the coastal town of Rausu in Hokkaido, the northernmost island in Japan. The creature was captured in At a depth of between 800 and 1200 meters, its stomach appears to be full when it is discovered. Whatever it was, it was not possible then nor now to know what to eat to achieve the skin of raw fish.

By the way, this specimen is only 3 centimeters long, which gives us a small idea of ​​what could happen, because it could have easily hidden in a large number of marine creatures quite a lot Larger.[[[[Live ScienceAnd vice]

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