Tokyo 2020: Where and when to see the opening of the Olympic Games – El Sol de México

Tokyo 2020: Where and when to see the opening of the Olympic Games – El Sol de México

After a year of uncertainty and postponement, we’ll finally see this Friday Opening Tokyo Olympics 2020. Due to the time difference, it will be necessary to get up early to watch the simulcast, but the show that Japan will give will definitely be worth it and here We tell you where and when to see it.

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As in each edition, the beginning will begin with the lighting of the cauldron and the review of the delegations that will participate in the competitions. Although the Olympic Stadium will have this time The number of viewers is limited Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world will have its eyes on the knowledge of the start of the Olympic tournament.

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Accompanied by the athletes’ tour from the participating countries, the organizers will present a Visual and audio display It is expected to blend the traditional elements of Japanese culture with the technological sophistication that distinguishes the sunshine in the eyes of the world.

Where and when will the inauguration be seen?

Of course you can follow all the coverage of the Olympic Games in This is amazing, the newspaper of athletes, who will give you all the details through their social networks.

On TV, the Tokyo 2020 opening will be broadcast on four free-to-air TV channels: TV Azteca (Channel 7), Televisa (Channel 5), as well as Public Television (Channel 11 and 22) They will be responsible for bringing the show being staged in Japan to Mexican screens. Sending will start at 06:00 (Central Mexico) on Friday, July 23

Pay channels ESPN and Fox Sports They will have full coverage of the Olympic tournament, which will also be broadcast on some digital platforms, such as ClaroSports.

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Although the opening will continue until Friday, some majors started this Wednesday, such as Softball and women’s soccer.

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