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This Friday, March 19th, A conjunction between the moon, the planet Mars, and the star AldebaranIt starts towards the southwest at dusk.

The maximum pairing of the three organisms occurred at 19:00 UTC, which is 2:00 PM (Columbia time). However, the astronomical event will be completely visible tonight and can be seen from Any part of the world at a glance.

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According to expert astrophysicists, the conjugation phenomenon occurs when two – or more – objects are from the celestial sphere (in this case, the Moon, Mars, and the star of Aldebaran) They are observed close to each other, In the same line of sight, from a third object (in this case, the Earth).

Although when observed in the sky they appear to be on the same celestial meridian or even one above the other, the truth is that They are far from each other and over great distances.

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Aldebaran is the brightest star in the constellation Taurus.

Geometrically, Mars will be seen roughly three degrees below the moon, which is currently in the waxing phase and 35% illuminated.

When night falls, you can see the red planet, the natural satellite and the star Almost on the Internet, Despite their different distances and measurements.

Astrophysicist Antonio Lozada told “El Comercio” Aldebaran is the same The brightest star in the constellation Taurus And the thirteenth brightest in the night sky. It has a bright orange, almost red, and distinctive luster.

If there are no interfering clouds and weather permits, it will be possible to observe, in a west / northwest direction, the cosmic event without any special equipment.

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