Top 13 Ava Gardner Movies To Get To Know Her Better

Top 13 Ava Gardner Movies To Get To Know Her Better

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    My name is Ava Lavinia Gardner and I was born on Christmas Eve 1922. In Grabtown, North Carolina. Neither in Brogden nor in Smithfield, as many books say, but in Grabtown, a dull little town city He only had the name. And to make matters worse, I have to be a Capricorn-born. Many times I have believed that out of all the zodiac signs, me is the worst. but it does not matter. I wouldn’t let something as small as the stars get in my way.”. And not only did she stop them, but she overwhelmed them into becoming one of them, the biggest.

    start of a file The best memories of Hollywood starspublished on January 1, 1990, he continued with another paragraph that illustrated his indomitable personality and sense of humor, his paradoxes and his joie de vivre: “And speaking of luck, see how I have to spend all my childhood celebrating my birthday and Christmas in time Almost one, meaning I usually only get one gift, rather than the one I was absolutely convinced I deserved. Things went from bad to worse. I found out that there is another person, Jesus Christ, whose birthday many people tend to confuse. I was angry. It took me a long time to forgive the Lord. I came into this world at ten o’clock at night, and I often think that maybe that’s why I became a night owl. When the sun goes down, I feel more, I don’t know, more alert. And in the middle of the night I’m already dumbfounded. Even when I was a little girl my father used to shake his head and say: “When you get older, you have to find a night shift job.” I couldn’t imagine what was in store for me. Of course, it takes a talent to survive the night, and that was the one skill I was always convinced I had.

    His career spanned nearly half a century and his (love) life spanned 67 years. Temperamental, fun-loving and energetic – at the age of 24 she already had two ex-husbands, Mickey Rooney and Artie Shaw -, She fought professionally against a emasculated study system that initially condemned her to having a presence (bodily above all). in bad texts. Her phenomenal look, with those curves sculpted with a cane body and one of the sexiest dimples on screen, has become, by imposing producers, a symbol of the cool goddess (since “Outlaws”).And the Taking off with one of the The best noir filmsAnd the to “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman” by Best movie musical Like “Magnolia” or Adventure movies Standing “Snows of Kilimanjaro” …).

    Only thanks to “Mogambo” is the real Ava seen: a passionate woman, armed with quick action and a sharp sense of humor. The humor is that because of another memorable nickname in his career, “The Barefoot Countess”And the Strained by the unfortunate publicity of the study, which She turned the slogan “the most beautiful animal in the world” into an adjective that will accompany her for life. with some of those A must-see classic if you consider yourself a movie buffthe actress made her mark.

    However, at the age of 45, he already felt a professional decline. Personally, Ava became embroiled in a range of love affairs as excessive as they were impossible (among them those on her sojourn in Spain with bullfighters Mario Capri and Luis Miguel Dominguin) despite her Nothing is as stormy as the one she lived with, Frank Sinatra, her husband from 1951 to 1957with whom she had three miscarriages, but never severed the relationship with her, until first she had a stroke and then pneumonia, taking Ava forever out of her semi-retirement in London.

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