Trans Influencer Renata Altamirano, condemns discrimination in Dubai

Trans Influencer Renata Altamirano, condemns discrimination in Dubai

influencer and model, Renata Altamiranopublicly denounced that he suffered gender discrimination when trying to login Dubai for the holiday. The 24-year-old content creator took to social media to share some details of her experience in the UAE, which she described as “the worst moment of my life”.

“I’m in Dubai and they didn’t let me pass, they wanted to check that I was a biological woman,” he wrote in a post where he could be seen very upset walking into that country’s airport.

Altamirano has become famous for the content she uploads on her YouTube channel where she shares beauty tips and details about her transition process; The young woman has reached more than two million views in her videos, plus she was at the center of a hurricane when she was romantically linked to actor Fernando Carrillo and journalist Pedro Ferez Hegar, which both denied.

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Dubai is one of the countries that is governed by the principles of the Islamic religion and has very strict rules regarding various social behaviours, for example, it is forbidden to consume alcohol and even to show affection in public places; Even homosexuality is considered a serious crime. In 2016, Canadian model Gigi Gorgos, who is also a transgender woman, made her case when she was denied entry to the same venue.

“I call on all transgender people not to come to Dubai, people like me are not welcome here,” Gorgos wrote.

Returning to the lands of the Aztecs, and after 35 hours of flight, Renata warns her followers not to try to enter the Arab lands again, but this time she will only take revenge: to return to reality, I have come to clear my mind and want to go back and go well, and to get some revenge earrings. ”

In the comments to her complaint on the networks, many women sent messages of support to her, including the model, Victoria Volkova, and the driver, Felka Valenzuela, who expressed their solidarity.

“Renata, I have a very bad taste in my mouth from Dubai. I went with 3 friends two years ago and when we left the country for Malaysia, they were stranded for three days at the airport. They don’t know how to do it,” Valenzuela said.

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