Transforming the HR agenda. His Highness, on the agenda

Transforming the HR agenda.  His Highness, on the agenda

However, in the process creating opportunities to redefine the role of HR. His Highness, contribution to strategic decision-making is integral, due to the vital synergy between organizational culture, strategy and talent. Creating a strategic agenda that benefits the business involves developing a strategic direction, focusing on where and how to compete, generating strategic unity and ensuring agility. “In the past, HR’s goal was process improvement, such as incentive plans or talent development plans. This area is now expected to provide holistic solutions rather than piecemeal solutions,” says Susan Budlogar, head of human resources at New York-based insurance company MetLife. organization, not just a function or process, and maximizing the productivity of the organization as an integrated whole.”

With the aim of enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the organization, we present below a conceptual structure for reinventing the HR function:

1. Focus on human capital (people) as well as human capabilities (talent, leadership, organization).

2. Building on the past, acting in the present, and reimagining the ideal future.

3. Focus on human resources. H h. Internal (employees) and also in human resources. H h. External (external stakeholders).

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