Treat yourself well this year, the great purpose for 2023 and seven keys to achieving it

Treat yourself well this year, the great purpose for 2023 and seven keys to achieving it

We come into the world without choosing ourselves, so we learn We live with ourselves and love each other unconditionally Sometimes it is more difficult than with a partner, children or friends. People with whom we have decided in principle are on our side. Do you think you don’t? To accept and respect yourself more than anyone else?

7 keys to start treating yourself well

We may think that this is the case, that we take care of ourselves and respect ourselves. But if we review how we treat others and how we treat ourselves, we may realize that this is not the case. Here is a bit of a review 7 keys This will make you wonder how to do:

  1. Meets. It is the door to well-being that opens others. We read books about childhood, adolescence, career development, or couple communication, but we think that as soon as we opened our eyes every morning for a few years, we knew each other, and that’s not the case. The Greek aphorism “know thyself” is believed to have been written in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and is the engine of philosophy. Think about the side that is less specific, the side that sometimes surprises you the most, or the side that you admire most about others that you don’t know about yourself and find a recommended read about it.
  2. Times: How much time do you devote to yourself each week? Today what it is, and how we distribute it, respecting the workspace for which we get paid, is up to us. Really think about the times you do something in the whole week Your health And that’s also something you really want: not a Padel match out of obligation because you feel you have to go. It is therefore necessary that we draw conclusions in point 1, and know the things that we really like and that give us peace.
  3. Say no. And suddenly you see that nothing happened. people that They don’t know how to say no They end up giving themselves to others, leaving themselves aside. Often, it is not just about being very generous, but behind it is the search for approval and the recognition that we do not know how to give ourselves. We can all get a very detached nod from time to time, but if that’s usually how you act, maybe you should review what’s hidden behind it. But above all, the best thermometer is to assess how we feel after saying no, if guilt prevails, there is clearly a problem. best solution? the needStart saying no to things that don’t really align with you and you’ll see that not only does nothing happen but you do it more easily.
  4. Your body is better there…you…Accept your body as it isFind your beauty and perfection despite your imperfections, because it is part of you, the life you have and your way of being is directly related to it. The corollary of accepting it is interest in it: if you realize its value and that it will accompany you throughout your life, it will be easier for you. Eat wellAnd the Playing sports And you have the necessary hours of sleep.
  5. Figures: Talk to yourself better than anyone else. You would certainly never tell your kid or your friend that the only thing he does in life is fail or that he is not good enough for what he wants to do… why would she do that to you? It is not easy to change the relationship with oneself, because so many years have passed and we are used to living an “outside” life. Our education, our culture, how others have treated us… But keep in mind that loving yourself well is a habit and a daily decision. Start listening to those messages you send to yourself throughout the day, and think about how you would say that to others.
  6. Do not criticize so as not to criticize yourself: Returning to Greece, Thales of Miletus said: “The hardest thing is to know ourselves; the easiest is to speak ill of others.” For this reason, every time you waste time criticizing others, you are not only wasting time that could have been invested in something good for yourself, but you are also practicing the evil of seeing the glass as half full, which is a bad habit that increases the more you do it. If you practice it towards others, it will be much easier for you to do it towards yourself as well.
  7. Perfection does not exist, and if it does exist, it is irreplaceable. the perfectionism It leads us to want to control any situation in an attempt to feel safe, but in reality it causes us great emotional stress and irreparable suffering. usually behind Ask a lot One hides low self-esteem It makes us put security and value more in the things we do, and how we do them, than we put in ourselves. Idealists regularly coexist with unexpected And at the present time in history that we are in, everyone’s goal should be to accept the fact that we do not control things in how they are created. This will not solve any of the problems, but at least it will make us live calmer and calmer with ourselves.

But above all, there is one last motto that you must define for yourself, you are not the only one who continues to struggle to fit all parts of your life and personality. That sums it up for us Laura Rojas Marcospsychologist and collaborator with TELVA: “The key lies in balance: the good recipe between living with oneself, personal space and the people around us. Learning to manage our personal space (physical and emotional) and shared space with others, and our sense of belonging to a group, be it family, social or community is not an easy task. Knowing where The boundary between “I” and “we” is quite challenging for most people.

If you’ve made it this far, congratulate yourself for taking a few minutes to read and think about the gift you have planned this week The most important person in your life: you.

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