Does it help treat sleep during the holidays?

Does it help treat sleep during the holidays?

Sleep is like rain, it never falls to everyone’s liking. There are those who complain about excess, and those who do it by default, and the stages of life they are in You want to sleep but you can’tThe phases where they tell you to sleep and you don’t want to ( Adolescence in the head), the stages, in which most of us adults find ourselves, where you would like to sleep but your lifestyle is not always adequate, or you no longer do it the same way, or You feel uncomfortable.

And feasts come, and then, at all stages, we say in a heartfelt voice: “Sleep.” Does it help with a sleep therapy in which we are encouraged to sleep “what the body tells us to do”?

Sleep therapies: a psychological problem

One of the characteristics of a good sleep routine is Rhythm That is, keep schedules similar, if not every day, then most. It is not just about the system of life, the body benefits from it routine Especially those who sleep. It is essential that these adapt to our circadian rhythms, which are regulated by melatonin and the pineal gland, as we have already told you in Telfa on many occasions.

Most people start producing melatonin around 8:00 PM, and it increases until 2:00 AM, when it is highest. However, each person’s time patterns (morning/evening) can move this band 2 hours earlier or later. There are people They are early risers And they prefer to keep it even on vacation.

So the first thing to consider is that Sleep therapies go against the rhythm the body appreciates. However, we feel good, and at ease, when we allow ourselves to sleep as we please at all times. But the truth is, once you cover the necessary hours of sleep, the The effect will be more psychological than physical.

Why does it make us Health Sleep without a time limit? Because we feel that we don’t have to run away, that there are no immediate obligations and that feeling is a natural stress reliever. But according to Dr. Gonzalo BeanHead of the Sleep and Pediatrics Unit at Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital, proper sleep hygiene “doesn’t work in the short term” and also states that “Lost hours of sleep are not recovered 100% The harmful effect of lack of sleep on the body has already been done. If I go a whole day without eating, can I eat twice as much the next day or will I be full sooner? ”

How to cure sleeping on vacation

If you still decided to give yourself this prize and sleep soundly for as long as your body can handle it, we offer you some tips to do it well and not disrupt your sleep routine excessively.

  • The number of hours. The number of continuous hours needed to get quality sleep varies with age. In general, the older a person is, the fewer hours they need to sleep. However, the acceptable range in adults is between 7 and 10 hours per day and it would be harmful to exceed 12 hours, as it may alter the wake/sleep rhythm.
  • Turn off all electronic devices: Including smart watches that give sleep statistics.
  • Prepare the bedroom: At least at night he always sleeps in bed. Doing this on a clean, orderly mattress and sheets helps make the rest more comfortable. It is necessary to control the temperature and humidity of the room so that it does not disturb us during the night.
  • National Action Program: Napping is one of the greatest pleasures of the holidays. But remember that for it to be restorative, but not disturb your night’s sleep, it should be no more than 40 minutes, according to most experts.
  • Stay active the rest of the day: You should not spend a single day of vacation without leaving the house, without breathing fresh air and without allowing your body to receive a few minutes of sunlight. If you exercise, don’t leave it on vacation, but if you don’t exercise, at least force yourself to walk daily.

happy vacation. Sweet dream.

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