Trump will present his candidacy for the 2024 elections on Tuesday

Trump will present his candidacy for the 2024 elections on Tuesday

Except for the last minute surprise, Donald Trump To be held on Tuesday 15th November Submit your candidacy for the 2024 presidential electionalthough not in the best case scenario yet midterm elections at any Most of their candidates failed and the Republicans They did not achieve the results they expected during the campaign.

Although Trump was not personally present at the Ballot papersPractically everyone in the United States took this elections Such as In preparation for his presidential aspirations for 2024. He has toured in recent weeks across several states not only to support his candidates, but also to feel the mood among electors Kiss predictable return.

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Not only The “red wave” that was predicted did not come truebut also most The candidates he supported continue to catch up with the charges. Somewhat disappointing results for the entrepreneur, whose number was as The actual leader is increasingly being questioned in the Republican Party.

There are many voices within the party that think Trump would have been a burden Republican aspirations In this Parliament elections Which looks like the Democrats will continue to control Senatebut not like that Parliament.

Where Michigan until PennsylvaniaThe Trump-approved rookie candidates They have appeared on occasions as a kind of parody of the former president, repeating ideas and acting the same comedy, thus easing Declining popularity of the President of the United StatesJoe Biden and the economic crisis.

Trump presidential race Within his party is not a formality like last time, this one through which a character Florida Governor Ron DeSantisAs an alternative, especially after the good results achieved in these elections.

yes trump The biggest loser on election night, DeSantis was the biggest winner. Winning by 20 percentage pointswith stunning results in predominantly Hispanic counties, she helped defend and reassert Florida as a fortress out of the Democrats’ reach.

DeSantis achieve something that six years ago seemed impossible, Approach the equation of leadership within the party like Donald Trump He avoided commenting on the results, especially on the good performance of what appeared to be his opponent in the primaries. He said it was a “fun night”.

Despite his insults, trump realize that Competitor’s potential calls to question him Presidential race He had previously threatened that if he appeared he might be “seriously injured”.

“I really think he could seriously hurt himself. I’m going to tell you things about him that you wouldn’t be very grateful for, I know more about him than anyone else, more than maybe his wife. He’s a normal Republican conservative with great public relations,” Trump told Fox News.

However, this is not the first time that Republican Party Toast they write the A political obituary for Trumpwho on other occasions did not hesitate to exterminate all who dared to question him. The bitter primaries would delight Democrats, Biden himself admitted. “It will be fun to see them face each other,” he celebrated.

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