Turbulence leaves 36 people injured, 11 seriously, on a flight to Hawaii – El Financiero

Turbulence leaves 36 people injured, 11 seriously, on a flight to Hawaii – El Financiero

a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Phoenix to HonoluluAnd the Where many people traveled for the Christmas holidays I experienced strong disturbances shortly before landing. The number of injured was 36 people, 11 of whom were seriously injuredAccording to officials and passengers.

The turbulence before landing was very strong Passengers They were not wearing a seat belt And things that were not attached flew across the caband injuring passengers.

after landing, 36 people received medical attention after the disturbance airline From Hawaiian Airlines.

emergency teams Report people with bumps, bruises, cuts, and nauseasaid Jim Ireland, director of Honolulu Emergency Medical Services.

sum, Twenty people were taken to hospitals, 11 of whom were in serious condition.

“We feel very fortunate that there were no deaths or other serious injuries.. “We very much hope they all make a full recovery,” Ireland said.

Flight There were approximately 300 people on board It carried many passengers They were traveling to Hawaii for the holidays.as Jacie Hayata Ano, who was on her way home.

“It was wobbly,” he told KHON-TV. “Then it quickly escalated to the point where we were shaking so much we were basically floating in our seats.”

Judith Neely, another passenger, told NBC’s “Today” show that she saw several people hit their heads on the flight deck. “She was holding the seat in front of me, on top of him, to catch me, even though she was wearing a seatbelt,” he said.

Chief Operations Officer Hawaiian AirlinesJon Snoke said This type of disorder is isolated and unusualAnd she stressed that the airline had not seen anything like it recently. She added that among the injured were three flight attendants.

the passenger Kylie Reyes He said To Hawaii News Now that his mother had barely sat when the disturbances began And we didn’t have time to buckle up. “It flew and hit the ceiling.”Reyes stated.

What causes flight turbulence and how to deal with it

From a security point of view, theTurbulence on the flight is not a cause for concernAccording to Skyscanner.

Usually disturbance They are caused by cloud formations, storms, or flying over mountain ranges or areas of jet streams.

Aircraft are specially designed to be able to withstand unstable conditions and strong winds. In addition, pilots apply various measures to deal with turbulence, such as flying at a reduced speed or changing altitude,” the site notes.

If you have a trip in your year-end plans, here we’re sharing tips for dealing with weather turbulence.

Avoid traveling in the back of the plane

Specialists suggest avoiding seats placed near the tail of an aircraft at all costs. It is preferable to travel in the seats near the wings of the plane or in the middle of the plane. This will allow the disturbance effects to not be so aggressive.

Prefer night or early flights

Experts point it out Flights at night or during the early morning hours are less likely to encounter turbulence Because wind gusts are softer and storms tend to dissipate at night.

Prefer big planes

Stephen Slater, an aviation security specialist, points this out The biggest and newest planes are the best. Over the past few years, aircraft manufacturers have focused all their efforts on developing control systems and aerodynamic characteristics that favor the flight experience in turbulent conditions.

With information from the AP.

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