UAdeO Student Enters Summer Scientific Program

UAdeO Student Enters Summer Scientific Program

Guasav, Sinaloa. With great interest, enthusiasm and dedication, Milagros Pago Ortega, student in communication sciences, participates in the “Summer Science” program From the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, he developed a keen interest in science when he realized that his knowledge could contribute to people’s quality of life and well-being and train new professionals.


The 20-year-old from Guasavins, a sixth-year communication sciences degree student at Universidade Autonoma de Occidente, excelled in her studies due to her interest in writing research articles in international scientific journals, after entering the 2021 Summer Scientific and Technological Program offered by her university, which allows students to The opportunity to establish a culture of cooperation and linkage with scientific research centers in university institutions.

She remembered that from a young age she had always been very interested in taking part in competitions of spelling and oratory, as well as in school events that involved giving speeches to new generations. He went so deep that he had never imagined that he could gain a space in the scientific world, so he applied everything that his professors had taught him throughout his life.

The student stressed, “I didn’t know all of that until today when I was able to publish in a scientific journal, so my interest in writing, research and speaking began.”

He insisted that he had always liked to communicate a little of everything to society, both in current and ancient issues of scientific communication, which had made great progress throughout the world, as well as what remains unknown.

He explained that what caught his interest when writing scientific articles was his discovery that by venturing into the world of science, he opened himself to new knowledge for his scientific research, which allowed him to live a unique experience by partnering with Dr. Gonzalo Haro Alvarez, who teaches at the Autonomous University of Puebla. Both conducted a scientific paper entitled “Communication as a means of social cohesion in traditional families”.

The young woman explained that the aforementioned research article, in which she participated as a co-author, was published in the international journal “Austral Comunicación” in 2021, in appreciation of her participation in scientific research as a student.

He stated that the aim of the work is to contextualize the traditional family environment based on their tangible and intangible needs for better communication and family union based on social bonds, trust, shared values ​​and a sense of belonging.

The young woman pointed out that the results of the investigation showed that the mother’s personality maintains greater contact with her husband and children. In fathers, it was decided that communication was less, and it was concluded that trust and tolerance were essential in the cohesion of traditional families.


He noted that due to the pandemic, many students have found it necessary to conduct their research from their homes, since given the infection rates, it was impossible to go to the Autonomous University of Puebla to conduct their research in person.

However, he indicated that this situation was not an obstacle to his goal, as he conducted numerous interviews and investigations about the communication and behavior of various families in Guasave, visiting every home in the Los Angeles del Triunfo community.

He added that for his research interviews, he had previously outfitted himself with the essentials to be able to work, so inside the backpack he only carried his surveys and pencils.

He was always afraid to go outside because of the infection problem and because he was in contact with the elderly. “That was one of the strongest obstacles I faced during the pandemic,” said Miracles.

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He stressed that he always had the support of his parents, as well as the doctor and UAdeO, who take care of internet expenses so that each student has the opportunity to finish their pending projects, given that the pandemic has been all classes virtual.

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