UAE Medicine will be a member of the Research Ethics Committee • Policy Delegate Officer


Holds a medical school registration granted by the National Bioethics Committee

* The committee will review that health investigations in which people participate are conducted in accordance with the protection of rights, dignity and well-being.

* The formation and registration of the Research Ethics Committee is the result of an eight-month process in which evidence was consolidated that all members had received ethics and bioethics training.

Toluca, Mix – July 13, 2021. The Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous State University of Mexico (UAEM) obtained the registration for the incorporation of the Research Ethics Committee granted by the National Bioethics Committee, which assures that the academic projects implemented by universities in this field are carried out under ethical principles to protect human rights and dignity.

Professor at UAE University full-time (PTC), Virgilio Eduardo Trujillo Conde, explained that obtaining the said record was obtained after a long process and training.

“One of the most important aspects is that the research subject is well-versed in the implications and consequences that can arise from their participation in a scientific project,” Trujillo Conde said, adding that researchers are bound by this ethics. Principles of preserving people’s dignity and health.

He explained that any biomedical project should have the authority of the Research Ethics Committee, so creating one for the UAE Medical College represents an opportunity for research to shorten the disclosure period, because previously, guarantees were sought through external institutions.

“This committee represents, for the College, a support for researchers so that they can finish their projects properly, and above all, at the university level, a greater impact is made on society, ensuring that academic and research work is carried out in the College that protects people, this is a protection of dignity that is taken care of It is the obligation of the health professional.

The formation and registration of the Research Ethics Committee is the result of an eight-month process in which evidence that all members have received training in ethics and bioethics have been incorporated, a regulation has been issued in line with the principles of the National Bioethics Committee as well as an obligation to meet once a month and publish topics related to the importance of Bioethics among the university community.

Trujillo Conde described that previously, faculty academics who wanted to finish their projects had to seek approval from an overseas committee set up mostly in public hospitals, which delayed the publication of their research. Now, the college committee will focus on examining that the projects people have been involved in comply with bioethical principles.

The Research Ethics Committee consists of President Virgilio Eduardo Trujillo Condes. member secretary, Adriana Cristina Pliego Carrillo; 10 members, Emilia Piccardo Vallejo, Consuelo Reyes Hernandez, Dulce Arminárez Aceves, Araceli Hinojosa Juárez, Yvonne de Paz Gardoño, Luis Gabriel Montes de Oca Lemos, Marcela Hernández Sánchez, actor Gloria Ortega Santillano and Nancy. Kernel influenced Elizabeth Felice Salazar.

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