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Pachuca de Soto, January 07 /Hidalgo News/. – After nearly two years of confinement caused by SARS-CoV-2, the Institute of Health Sciences (ICSa) of the Autonomous University of Hidalgo State (UAEH) has implemented practical reinforcement measures targeting Bachelor of Surgeon degree students. A dental surgeon.

These measures came into effect last year, when a drop in COVID-19 cases allowed ICSa students to return to classes at the beginning of November. The strategy was implemented with undergraduate students from both educational programmes, where clinical competencies were assessed.

According to Luis Carlos Romero Quezada, Head of the District of Medicine, the strategy was geared towards preparation for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), in which the competencies that future clinicians should have is assessed.

The reinforcement practices benefited 180 students recruited at ICSA in Pachuca de Soto and 125 students from the City of Knowledge in Tolancingo de Bravo, who had to comply with institutional health protocols to enter the Latin American Centers for Medical Education by Simulation (CLEMPS).

Students who arrived at the facilities were required to have a complete vaccination schedule, submit an antigen test with a negative SARS-CoV-2 result and be able to travel to the nearest headquarters.

In turn, Francisco Martinez Campos, Academic Vice President of Medicine, confirmed that the highest study house has implemented specialized protocols, such as creating bubble groups for surveillance, as well as restricting social interactions in the event of an outbreak. In addition, ventilation and carbon dioxide measurement guidelines have been developed for risk assessment by air transport.

“We believe that our return to classes will be smooth, and we will be very vigilant to avoid overcrowding of students; they have not met each other for two years, however, we will ensure compliance with all protocols on time to avoid infection,” Luis Carlos Romero Quezada stated in connection with the next start of activities in January 10.

Meanwhile, José de Jesus Navarrete Hernández, Head of the Academic Field of Dentistry, stated that among the strategies to be launched on January 10, a multidisciplinary clinical organization program that adheres to the academic plan of the degree stands out, primarily for those studying from the sixth to sixth semester. VIII. Meanwhile, 9th graders will focus on completing their practical assignments.

Likewise, the Bachelor of Dental Surgeon degree has a focused orientation plan for all students in which dental orientation topics will be enhanced. In this area, approximately 390 students are expected to benefit, with the goal of limiting the negative impact of the pandemic on clinical skills development.

Next Monday, January 10, certificates in Dental Surgeon and Surgeon will resume face-to-face activities in an overlapping manner, as defined in the UAE General Calendar of Activities, which will allow the continuation of reinforcement actions for all students.

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