UASLP Professor New President of the Federation of Family Medicine


SAN LUIS POTOSÍ, SLP. , June 12, 2021. – Dr. Gad Jamed Zavala Cruz, Professor at the Université Autonomous de San Luis Potosi School of Medicine (UASLP), took over on May 29th the presidency of the Federation of Mexican and Resident Specialists in Family Medicine, a national community association.

He pointed out that one of the challenges in taking on this position is the ability to implement a theoretical model, which is being put into practice called the Total Quality Management Model, “We have a great team made up of professionals across the country, and so far we have four strategic axes to work on in the next two years. “.

“One of them specifically is the implementation of the management model; the second is the professionalization of the union. The third element will be the empowerment of the family medicine specialist, through which we strive to be very holistic and to strengthen primary health care. The last axis is to promote certain competencies such as the family approach; For example, for the patient and his family in the context of illness and general competencies such as decision leadership,” Zavala Cruz noted

He also noted that if family physicians were strengthened as primary health care professionals, “it would be beneficial to all citizens receiving primary medical care.”

Dr. Gad Jamed Zavala said that family physicians should focus not only on the disease but on the patient and his family, what the patient feels when he is ill, how his family perceives him and what his economic and social significance is.

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