Uber offers unlimited vacations for the well-being of its employees

  • Employees get paid free time benefit to resolve personal situations, regardless of their vacations.
  • Besides offering equitable paternity leave, they promoted the initiative of free “mourning” days to face the loss.
  • “The pandemic has been the trigger for a screening of our employees’ emotional health,” says Natalia Angulo, director of benefits at Uber Latam.

The collaborator usually uses his vacation days to do the paperwork or needs to “accelerate” his work activities in order to get extra time. In Uber, you don’t have to choose between one aspect or the other, since one of the programs they offer for luxury is Unlimited Vacation; Paid leave to cover personal issues.

“Obviously we live in a time when it is impossible to separate the challenges at home and work life. This stresses and makes the collaborator lose their commitment to the company, so our policy is for people to take time off when they need it, without those days being part of their vacation period,” she explains. Natalia Angulo, Director of Employee Benefits at Uber Latam.

This app, which promotes a sharing economy scheme and is part of Factor Wellbeing, also offers a four-week vacation program, applicable every time an employee reaches five years at the company.

The Benefits Manager explains that “supporting different moments in a person’s life” is the narrative in which they convey to teams an interest in implementing “helpful” wellness practices, thus allowing them to differentiate themselves from other value proposition applications in the marketplace.

The pandemic prompted Uber to lead employees to self-awareness

Obviously, the issue of physical health is the most representative, or demanded by the employee, so for a benefits manager, the challenge of a sustainable wellness program is to travel, or to combine that area with other realities that give happiness to the person.

“The health situation, due to the pandemic, has made us rethink the strategy of how to help people in a holistic or comprehensive way. There was check up Passionate,” he points out.

This was the starting point for workshops on personal finance, as well as initiatives aimed at self-awareness of strengths and how to align them with company culture.

Natalia Angulo calls this exercise “the focus of multiple activities relegated to the Uber culture. It was believed that actions would affect the mind, body, and relationship employees have with society.”

So leaders and employees at all levels have worked during the pandemic to redefine the company’s most traditionally successful programs with the goal of giving them another nuance.

An example of this is its rewards program. This was already in place as part of the traditional benefits, but as a result of a new anti-epidemic action plan, it was decided to allocate an additional budget so that employees can Accommodate your workplace at home And the operation of remote work with the necessary work environment and conditions.

In this review of activities, benefits such as Flexibility For “extreme” positions were also appreciated.

These are other benefits for the well-being of Uber employees

Uber, for example, supports four months of paternity leave with a focus on equality between men and women; Apply for pregnancy or adoption. This flexibility is enhanced to take more days in case of grief. “No one knows better than every collaborator how long it will take to accommodate an event of this nature. If you consider that five days is not enough to cope with this situation, apply the fact of asking for an extension,” says the person in charge of employee benefits.

Natalia Angulo says leverage to expand flexibility isn’t just a competitive health strategy. It is also to demonstrate that you are familiar with the environment in which the application is running.

“Mexico, for example, is not a country that has preventive health culture Very strong. who – which insight It makes us think about how to balance, design and transform healthy activities,” Angulo points out.

He adds that if an employee could have a severe physical health problem, affecting their economy, “You don’t want that person to be from the majority who don’t have insurance, but rather from the group that guarantees that benefit, and that can adapt to your needs.” It is the principle of wellness at Uber, being an open culture,” he says.

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