Science and Technology Honors Servant João Sant’Anna


Photo: Disclosure of science and technology

The server who helped found the Macaé Institute of Measurement and Technology (IMMT) retired this month

This month, celebrated on Servant Day (October 28), the city of Macaé honors Metrology Laboratory Coordinator and University Professor João Santana, an employee of the Department of Science and Technology, who retired on the 15th of Joao who helped found the Macaé Institute of Measurement and Technology (IMMT). ) and in cooperation with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) coordinated the laboratory, where engineering students take technical courses, with measurement methods.

According to the Minister of Science and Technology, Marcos Lemos, Macaé benefited from the servant’s work. “The technological tools in this lab are helping the students scientifically and the city industrially,” he says.

João Sant’Anna emphasized that the site promotes the scientific, technological and industrial development of Macaé, as well as increasing knowledge of academic content.

Working with municipal schools

“We also carry out awareness projects with the community and schools in the city of Mackay, and carry out activities that really publicize choice and decision issues in the professional lives of students aged 14-20, who are members of the baccalaureate,” he says. .

For example, the university professor cited guidelines for young audiences in the fields of humanities, social sciences, health sciences, exact sciences, and natural sciences.

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