Uganda: Uganda asks the United States to “reform its elections” instead of “giving lessons” to other countries


Madrid, February 25 (Europe Press) –

The Ugandan government asked the United States on Thursday to “limit its elections” rather than “give lessons” to other countries, after Washington indicated that it would study “concrete options” as a result of the January presidential election. Opposing forgery denounced.

“We have not received any correct written communication from the US government about our recent elections. When they do, the Ugandan government will respond appropriately and effectively. Otherwise, they are rumors,” said executive spokesperson Ofono Ubundo.

“In the meantime, it would be better if the United States government reformed its own elections, in which, according to (former) President Donald Trump, they voted for the dead and Joe Biden was in office fraudulently, so they should be the last to give lessons.”

He also stressed that the announcement of sanctions against members of the government was a “hollow gesture”, as “no names or specific crimes were revealed,” according to what was reported by the Ugandan newspaper, “New Vision”. “These are rumors that those who bring the accusations must prove to a competent authority,” he added.

The main Ugandan opposition leader, Robert Kyagolani, on Monday withdrew the request before the Supreme Court to annul the results of the January 14 presidential election, although he still does not acknowledge the victory of the president, Yoweri Museveni, and maintains that it was. Election winner.

Bobby Wayne, popular singer and leader of the opposition National Unity Party, presented himself as the main rival to Museveni, who had led the country since 1986 and secured a sixth term after a series of constitutional amendments to be able to go to the polls.

The elections took place in a particularly tense context due to the increasing repression against the opposition and the killing of more than 50 people in November due to the action of security forces against protesters after Kyagolani was arrested during an election event.

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