unemployment in Puebla hospitals; They are asking for vaccinations and equipment


WorkersThe National Union of Health Ministry Workers has staged a two-hour sit-down strike in Puebla hospital units to demand Covid-19 prevention vaccines, economic bonuses, and dismissal of managers for mistreatment and abuse.

In health centers, employees put up banners denouncing this They lack clothing and fixtures from 2020 and 2021, Additionally, they do not have the complete coronavirus vaccine dose schedule.

In particular, they asked The passing of Hilda Sanchez Vazquez, Personnel Operations Manager for “Violation of General Conditions of Work and Mistreatment of Personnel”.

The sit-in strike lasted from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., and will be repeated in the following days, according to a union statement.

The suspension of the service affected rights holders such as Soledad Romero and her husband, who deplored that for a year they had not provided him with timely care for his diabetes treatment.

Soledad Romero made it clear that she was Three months looking for a clinical study Her husband is in clinic 3 but they give him excuses for not taking care of her.

“we We ask for a service because we need itWe can’t go to a private doctor. I devote myself to washing other people’s clothes, to come to the hospital today I pay a taxi, because my husband can no longer see well. The taxi costs 120 cars and today I no longer work and I ran out of money.”

That is why Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta called to solve this problem and Improving care in state hospitals.

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