United Airlines retires 24 Boeing 777s after Denver flight failure | international

An image of the failed Boeing 777-200 that took off from Denver International Airport on Saturday.Hayden Smith / EFE

Trip drive failure from United Airlines Last Saturday, shortly after it took off from Denver (Colorado), alarms were triggered, although it caused no deaths or injuries. The airline announced Sunday that it has decided to shut down 24 of its failed prototype Boeing 777, after the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA, in its English acronym) announced additional inspection of the aircraft. Planes. In parallel, according to Reuters, Japan has also decided to suspend use while it considers new measures to be taken.

Saturday happened It resulted in horrific images. As a result of the engine failure, parts of the plane crashed onto Denver and police in Broomfield, a nearby suburb, were forced to ask people to stay home. In one of the pictures, you could even see how a piece of engine ended up near a house. Flight 328 was at 1:30 pm (local time), bound for Honolulu (Hawaii), operated by a Boeing and a Pratt & Whitney 4000 engine.

Japan’s Transportation Ministry has ordered Japan Airlines and airlines to ANA to stop using the 777 with the engine while it is considering further measures, according to Reuters. According to the government, on December 4 there was an accident involving an aircraft the same age as the plane in which the problem was last Saturday. In this case, a Japan Airlines flight was taking off from Naha Airport for Tokyo and was forced to return due to a left engine failure when it was 100 kilometers from Naha.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) President Steve Dixon said in a statement that the agency reviewed all available safety data on Saturday and, based on the first information gathered, should “reinforce examination of the hollow propeller blades that they are restricted to this engine model, and are only used. In an aircraft.” Boeing 777 “. According to the agency, only airlines in the United States, Japan, and South Korea are the only 777 P&W 4000 engines that have suffered failure.

On Sunday, the inspectors met with technicians from the manufacturer and Boeing to try to clarify what happened. For its part, United Airlines stressed the professionalism of its crew on Saturday and stressed that safety is its “top priority”.

The episode happens after you A serious crisis suffered by Boeing as a result of problems with the 737 MAX. The US airline giant reached an agreement with the Justice Department earlier this year to pay $ 2.5 billion, including fines and damages, to avoid going to trial. The Boeing The 777-200 is the largest aircraft in use since 1990. According to company data, aircraft have had one major accident for every million departures, one of the lowest accident rates of any aircraft. Important business, as stated in the reports Washington Post.

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