United States: At least one person was killed and 20 wounded in a shooting in Arkansas

A shooting at a car showroom in Douma, Arkansas, USA. This Sunday left at least one dead and 20 injured, According to the Arkansas Police Department, in statements compiled by ABC News.

The reason for the shooting is still unknown The police arrested a person and opened an investigation To clarify if there are more people involved, according to the Kark series.

The US State Police confirmed that at least 20 people were shot. After initially it was estimated that there were about ten victims. However, authorities expect that number to increase in the coming hours, according to ABC News.

Currently one person has been killed after the shooting and many victims have been taken to nearby hospitals., including children. In addition, at least two of the victims were flown by a medical care helicopter, according to FOX.

“We are saddened and shocked by what happened tonight at the auto show. An unknown suspect shot several people. The full extent of the injuries was not disclosed,” explained the organization of the event, which was intended to promote nonviolence, at Facebook.

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Arkansas’ deputy governor, Tim Griffin, demonstrated his disapproval of the “foolish and tragic” shooting, He stressed that he was praying for “the entire Douma community and families with young children.”

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