United States | New York is building a dam against climate change and rising sea levels


theFlooding from Superstorm Sandy in 2012, which killed 44 people, was the impetus for the launch East Coast Resilience Project: In its first phase, four kilometers of walls and gates along the waterfront of Lower Manhattan.

The wall has already been built between 23rd and 20th Streets and it protects the area where the East River and apartment houses are narrower.

The project includes a sloped garden that will serve as a protective wall against rising sea levels, a pier, a plaza, bike lanes, benches and garden areas.

Tom Foley, of the New York City Council’s Department of Design and Building, explains:“What we are building here is part of the largest resilience project in one of the most densely urban areas in the United States. We are very pleased that we started this project a year ago, with a series of retaining walls. We are also working on raising a park in this area, as you can see from the East River It is adjacent to where we are.”

The city will also plant about 1,800 trees, nearly double the number destroyed by the project’s construction.

The engineering project was not as easy as described Ahmed Ibrahim, Construction Director: “This has been a long process. We install the piles as a deep foundation, and then we install the flexible containment structures that will form an underground shear wall for flood protection. As you can see in the last section, we pour the concrete, which we will give a wall similar to the one you see from this side” .

The new underground drainage system will improve the drainage capacity of the sewage network.

A power substation will help prevent the multi-day blackout that occurred during the 2012 storm.

But this project, which will end in 2026, is only a first step.

New York’s 520-kilometre coastline faces forecasts of a sea level rise of more than 60 centimeters by 2050 and over 1 meter 80 centimeters by the end of the century.

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