United States Senators’ Secret Sweets Office


It looks normal. However, it is a secret that is no longer a secret, it is about candy office subordinate Senators from United State, which is said to contain Power to rally Democrats and Republicans.

What is the secret of the senators candy office?

At first glance it looks like a simple piece of mahogany furniture, but this place Senators from United State Its origin appears to go back more than half a century.

what is your job?

It’s ready to sweeten up the long night’s sessions discussions And voteUntil the impeachment trials, this treasure is hidden in the last row, on the Republican side, next to one of the busiest doors.

The candy office could have been born as a tradition, thanks to the Republican. Photo: AFP PHOTO/Library of Congress, Harris & Ewing Collection

Mission candy office Crucial, not easy, because the senator who occupies it must make sure that stairs always be full. Especially during weeks of intense negotiations like that Congress Just implemented the investment plans of Joe Biden: US debt and the budget.

“I can guarantee you that the candy office is now in place and will continue to be well-equipped.”

Pat Toomey, Senator of Pennsylvania

How does this secret and not the secret help?

The legislators, nearly 30 of them over the age of 70, sometimes find themselves trapped in Senate Overnight, waiting for a crucial vote, they get a boost of energy with Chocolate And candy.

How did this strange tradition begin?

It is said to imitate candy office It began in 1968, when he was a California Republican actor and dancer George MurphyIt is installed on this site. Known for his love of sweets, he invited his classmates to share what he had of the chocolates he kept at stairs.

Since then, the beautiful custom has continued with other republicans who occupied that table, like John McCain NS Rick Santorum, who sat there during an impeachment trial Bill Clinton, if Monica Lewinsky.

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