United States: Small Business Expansion Opportunity | Small and medium-sized companies

United States: Small Business Expansion Opportunity |  Small and medium-sized companies

The United States has become an opportunity for small and medium businesses to expand their business model. The country is distinguished by providing opportunities for millions of entrepreneurs. Specifically, last year the number of entrepreneurs increased to 32.5 million.

They confirmed from Softlanding Global that the US GDP is more than 24% of the global index, only Florida actually has a GDP similar to Spain and higher per capita income.

They say Spanish companies and entrepreneurs see Miami as an opportunity to expand their business. The city has the distinction of being number one in setting up start-ups in the United States. Softlanding data reveals that more than a thousand multinational companies have operations centers there. This makes Miami the second city in the country to do business and fifth in terms of professional development.

Among the advantages that this city offers to Spanish businessmen is the language, as the majority of Miami citizens speak Spanish and English, making Miami an intermediate point between Spain, Latin America and the United States.

Similarly, Miami offers a financial system that accepts foreign investment and is positioned as a technology hub.

high investment

Softlanding Global founder and CEO, Italo Torrese, asserts that “small businesses need high investment so that uncertainty becomes practical zero.” In this sense, they say they guarantee a complete accompaniment that extends from the establishment of the legal structure, banking and financial advice, to the business plan to ensure the success of the operation. “The idea is always to increase sales thanks to internationalization while minimizing costs,” the expert adds.

Torres states that internationalizing a business has some challenges, especially when expansion is outside Europe. “Small businesses and entrepreneurs are at a disadvantage when opening up abroad,” he says. In this sense, it ensures that risks are eliminated by offering entrepreneurs services designed to accompany them during their expansion in the United States.

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