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La Paz, Baja California Sur (OEM-Informex). The Medical College of the Centro de Estudios Universitarios Xochicalco (CEUX) Tijuana received the accreditation plate for international standards before the Mexican Council for Accreditation of Medical Education (COMAEM), a major academic achievement that places the house of studies among the best medical schools in the world.

The Dean of the Xochicalco System, Jorge Mario Pinuelas Osuna, stated that the University of Xochicalco began the educational life path more than 47 years ago with the opening of its medical schools, so this international recognition endorses the quality and excellence of the medical school. Actor in northwestern Mexico.

Always with the aim of serving the community and searching for its own identity, this study house adopted in its infancy an innovative educational model and curriculum, different from what was established in traditional clinical teaching. He indicated that our medical school today is still at the forefront of new educational methods and the highest quality standards, so that Our graduate doctors receive the best possible training in order to serve the community, both at home and abroad.

With the international accreditation granted to the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Xochicalco ranks as one of the most important medical universities in Mexico and abroad, which includes both its graduates and its current students, having been trained in a school with the best academics and clinical practices in the field of medicine.

Meanwhile, Director of the Medical College of Tijuana Campus, Dr. José Hurtado Montalvo, emphasized that the importance of obtaining this international accreditation lies in the opportunity for students to take the USMLE exam in the United States, or the MIR in Europe, or any foreign city to undertake a major or study that allows it By increasing its growth in the medical field; In addition to reassuring them that their education places them above the rest in the medical field thanks to the prestige of this university.

“Thanks to the quality that has always characterized the College of Medicine, this accreditation gives us new strengths to continue to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the universities; he worked for 18 years that is evident with all the accreditations and goals that have been achieved. It is provided by the authorities, which makes it possible to achieve and maintain an excellent set of teachers and equipment updated in accordance with technological developments.

Obtaining new international accreditation encourages and motivates us to continue to provide the quality education that has always distinguished us for nearly 50 years, with the most qualified teachers, the best equipped laboratories and clinical teaching centers, as well as agreements and linking institutions with the best schools and medical centers in Mexico and abroad.

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This accreditation is valid for a period of five years, once the term ends, the process of re-accreditation is carried out again, which gives us the opportunity as an educational institution to continue raising our standards of educational quality in our curricula, always in order. To be the best choice.

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