US applies ‘an eye for an eye’ law to China and cancels 44 flights from the Asian country due to Covid-19


Washington.- The United States Department of Transportation announced Friday the cancellation of 44 flights China in response to the restrictions imposed by Beijing on the same number of American Airlines flights in favor of covid-19 pandemic.

According to Washington, the Chinese government suspended 44 flights of Delta Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines after some of them. Passengers tested positive for Covid-19 When landing in China.

The US Department of Transportation deemed it a “unilateral action” “contrary to the public interest” and completely “out of the control” of the airlines, as passengers tested negative before boarding the planes.

In response, the United States ordered the suspension of 44 scheduled Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines flights scheduled between January 30 and March 29, which were scheduled to depart from Los Angeles and New York. to the United States. Asian country.

In March 2020, after covid-19 pandemicThe Chinese government has imposed restrictions on the number of foreign flights into the country.

The then President of the United States, Donald TrumpIt decided in June of that year to ban entry to Chinese airlines due to Beijing’s refusal to lift these air restrictions, a situation that returned to normal last year.

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