The owner of the sun is ready to charge for its use


Although it may sound like a bad joke, a Spanish woman who claims to be the owner of the sun is about to charge humanity for its use, if legal rulings come in her favour.


Exactly as I read it

The Spanish Maria Angels Duran has a legal document recognizing her as the absolute owner of the Sun since 2012, when they ruled in her favour for the idea of ​​dividing the Conqueror Star and began to carry out the sale of plots of land, where the point of her work stopped.

Through her studies in psychology, nursing, criminology and law, this Vigo woman works professionally as a forensic expert and, using her knowledge, in 2010 obtained a notarized deed declaring her literally “the owner of the Sun, a star of spectral type G2, located in the center of the solar system.” , at an average distance from Earth of approximately 149,600,000 km.

The woman, according to the Spanish authorities who played her, had to wait 365 days to see if the sun shines in millions of years, the sun will have another owner. And, of course, because power was given to the Spaniards.

With this patient waiting, Maria Angels Doran was legally granted the Sun as part of her estate.

The Court of First Instance No. 5 of Alcobendas, in Madrid, declared that it was competent to rule on the case brought by Ángeles Duran, owner of The Galician of the Sun, and granted it its legal rights, that is, it gave it the legal capacity to act at ease or convenience.

A year after the signing of the said document, in 2013, the star offered King for sale by plots of land through the Spanish and Italian eBay pages, but the portal restricted his marketing. Since she is also the president of the Consumers and Users Association, she chose to sue them.

E-bay argued that it wasn’t a tangible product that could be sold or moved, but the woman disagreed. Nobody gets Bell out of her head, convinced that the sun is tangible, where everyone can see and feel it, and because she is her legal owner, she has the power to sell it.

The woman says she does not intend to take advantage of the sun, because she asserts that she will use the money so that the Spanish government has how to attend the pensions for the elderly, and the health sector, for the benefit of the most economically disadvantaged.

Who is the owner of the sun?

Maria Angels Doran said that she is the owner of the Sun, confident in its power, and wants to charge for the use of the star. The Spanish woman certifies her ownership by document since 2012. Since there is no owner of the sun, she took advantage of this woman and became the giant star.

Angels Doran isn’t just the owner of The Sun, among her properties are some of her holdings that have apparently been filmed as the world’s tallest score, 24 billion bar, her author has registered, and she owns the property of Tarzan’s cry in litigation.

Other obstacles that came out of it well were related to the lawsuits against her, for if the sun had an owner, its owner began to receive calls warning her not to accuse her of the various problems caused by ultraviolet rays.

She replied that it was the pollution that caused the depletion of the ozone layer, not the sun, warning that if the same reasoning applied, she would have to claim compensation for heat or food grown from sunlight.

The case was discussed so much that a Spaniard went to see his lawyer to confront the woman, whom he would blame for the redness of her eyes and the burns of her skin. He decided not to, because his attorney argued that sunlight takes millions of years to reach Earth and that Maria Angels Doran has owned it since 2012.

Then there would be no way to hold her responsible for this kind of damage.

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