US lifts Covid-19 restrictions on cruise ships

US lifts Covid-19 restrictions on cruise ships

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The US CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) They have completely removed their travel warnings regarding cruise ships. The advisory was previously set to Level 2, which is a “moderate” risk, but the color-coded advisory has now been removed entirely.

While cases on ships have been reported since US cruise operations resumed in June 2021, cruise lines have worked quickly with isolation and quarantine protocols to reduce transport and keep passengers, passengers, crew and local port communities safe.

This change comes just two weeks after Center for Disease Control Lower your travel advisory level from Level 3, High, to Level 2, Medium.

While cruise lines will continue to operate for the time being under established health and safety protocols, including pre-cruise testing, vaccination requirements and improved sanitation, this new development is sure to give cruise lines more flexibility to adapt their operations in days. And the coming weeks.

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