US midterm elections 2022, live | Americans vote on the day of Biden’s presidency | American Elections

US midterm elections 2022, live |  Americans vote on the day of Biden’s presidency |  American Elections

Polls begin in crucial elections for the second half of Biden’s term

The legislative elections in the United States have already begun. In addition to the more than 44 million Americans who voted early (by mail or in person), polling stations in many states opened at 6 a.m. local time, noon, Spanish time. At that time polls began operating in Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, New Jersey, New York and Virginia.

Little by little, more states will join in on a long election day. The last polling stations to close will be those in Alaska after 17 hours. By then, counting will have already begun in the eastern states and results will begin to emerge. However, the audit will be slow. In some crucial states of the Senate, it may take days for it to become known. For example, in Pennsylvania and Nevada, results in 2020 were not known until days later. It took over a week in Arizona and North Carolina, which are also competing countries. And in Georgia, it took not only two weeks, but also, in the event that no candidate exceeded 50%, a second round was required. If this senator is decisive, control of the Senate may not be known until mid-December. In the House of Representatives, if the Republican victory is loose, it will not be necessary to wait long, but if all things are equal, it will also be necessary to wait days or weeks.

In addition, both the AP and television stations, which have experts calculating when a result can be considered good without waiting for the count to finish, will take the utmost care to avoid errors that may be subject to political interpretation.

At stake in the election is the renewal of the entire House of Representatives, just over a third of the Senate and many state and local offices, including 36 governors. They will represent the second half of Joe Biden’s term and the future of the United States.

A photo of Cheney Orr, from Reuters, shows a neon sign of Georgia Governor Stacy Abrams.

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