US Supreme Court refuses to invalidate Obamacare | world | DW


The US Supreme Court on Thursday (06/17/2021) refused to repeal former Democratic President Barack Obama’s token health law, which would allow millions of Americans to continue to have health coverage.

The Supreme Court’s decision, taken by a majority of seven of the nine justices, is a setback for former Republican President Donald Trump, who by all means tried to suppress the law, known as Obamacare.

The decision, the third it has made on this law, was based on a legal argument under which Texas (South) and the other Republican states that appealed had no basis for doing so.

In its original form, Obamacare required all Americans, even those in good health, to purchase insurance or face financial penalties, and required companies to accept all potential clients regardless of their health status.

According to the Joe Biden administration, this reform provided health coverage to 31 million Americans who did not have it before, but Republicans have always viewed mandatory insurance as an abuse of government power.

The Supreme Court upheld the law in 2012, ruling that economic sanctions could be considered taxes and justified government interference.

When he reached the White House, Trump tried to abolish it in Congress but suffered a bitter defeat. However, Republican lawmakers succeeded in amending it in 2017, reducing the penalties for lack of insurance to zero.


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