US Visa: What to do if the US Embassy rejects the document?

US Visa: What to do if the US Embassy rejects the document?

One of the most requested procedures in Mexico It is undoubtedly US visa But unfortunately Many of these requests were rejected by the US Embassy. Next, we tell you the reasons why this situation occurred and How can you order this process again?

For what reasons can a US visa be denied to you?

The visa application can be refused for various reasons, There may be gaps in the information needed to determine a person’s eligibility, Another is that the applicant is not eligible for the visa category they applied for, The last one is that according to the Immigration and Nationality Act, the interested party is not eligible for that document.

What to do if you are denied a visa to enter the United States?

Often times the visa is refused due to lack of information From the stakeholder in the request, In this case you will be given one year to file any missingIf you do not do this process, you will have to re-apply for the visa a second time.

What are waivers for ineligibility?

This waiver can be submitted by the consular officer at the Embassy, It should be noted that if you wish to request this exemption, you will need to obtain Form I-601 It’s $930 and there’s no guarantee of getting it, even with payment.

What is the denial rate and in which countries are the US visa denied?

Countries most denied US visas They are Nicaragua with 63% of the rejection, followed by Guyana and El SalvadorBoth are 62%. overall average Taking into account data from all applicants’ home countries It is 11.32%.

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