They trust that security at sea will be improved through coordination between the United States and Mexico

Veracruz, Ver. (Vanguard of Veracruz). – Member of the National Executive Committee of the Confederation of Associations of Customs Agents of the Republic of Mexico (CAAAREM), José Dominguez Moro, acknowledged that the cooperation between the Mexican Navy ministers will allow the United States to strengthen security at sea.

He acknowledged the importance of strengthening military cooperation in areas of common interest to both countries. They are looking for ways to increase security between countries to prevent smuggling by water, land or air, because it affects all of us. Smuggling is very common and it hurts us the most, we even see it as a normal thing. Previously it was a difficult word to think of and now we live it daily and this is the problem we live with as a country and as a people,” he said.

Following the visit of the American official, he expressed his hope to reduce corruption and smuggling.

Security is often thought of for land border areas, however, contraband can move over the seas.
“Coordination between countries is extraordinary and now it’s even more so because the Navy is already in customs, so joint action is important.”

It must be remembered that the Secretary of the US Navy, Carlos del Toro, visited Mexico and among the countries he also arrived in Veracruz.

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