This is the new US Embassy in Guatemala

This is the new US Embassy in Guatemala

Headquarters of The new US Embassy in Guatemala It was introduced during the celebration of American independence to unify relations between the two countries, in 173 years.

In the building located in Kayala, District 16 of Guatemala City, the flag of the United States is already fluttering against the background of the blue sky.

This is the new US Embassy in Guatemala

The new embassy will be one of the newest US diplomatic platforms in the world and one of the most advanced buildings in the country.

The opening will be in the coming months and may triple the audience’s attention.

At the moment, the implementation of appointments and procedures continues at the headquarters of Embassy of the United States of Americafrom Reforma Street, District 9 of Guatemala City.

The building features Mayan characteristics with the latest advances in building technologies with LEED certification and the design is sustainable due to a commitment to environmental protection, highlighting the urban environment.

173 years of friendship between Guatemala and the United States

According to the embassy, ​​the construction cost amounted to 400 million US dollars, and 450 Guatemalan companies participated in the work, in addition to 1,800 workers.

William Pope, Ambassador of the United Statescommented: We look to the future, as we celebrate our history and the ongoing results of our collaboration..

Description of the photo for people with visual impairments: In the photo, the new US Embassy in District 16 in Guatemala. (credit: US Embassy)

The United States has provided $33 million in assistance to COVID-19$1.1 million in laboratory equipment and donated 8.5 million Moderna vaccines and 7.4 million syringes.

In addition, it has successfully created legal visas for more than 2,000 Guatemalans with temporary jobs. So, for the United States, the The new embassy building It represents the relations between the two countries.

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