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The Visa H-2A is the only one that has increased its emissions in the past five years, according to Department of work United State (DOL). Their data shows that from 2016 to 2020, The United States increased 58.8% of these emissions.

Why does this visa have so many facilities? The most common jobs in 2020 under this were filled by agricultural workers, day laborers, agricultural workers for farm animals, livestock and aquatic animals.

It is worth noting that the number of this type of work has increased significantly despite the health restrictions of the Covid-19 virus and immigration in recent years in the administration of Donald Trump.

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Farmers in the United States employ more foreign workers than nationals. According to a series of interviews conducted by the Department of Labor between 2015 and 2016, nearly 7 out of 10 farm workers were born in Mexico (67%) and 83% of all farm workers were Hispanic.

The program allows agricultural employers with a labor shortage to bring in foreigners to do the work for one year, although two extensions of up to one year can be requested. This application must be submitted before it expires.

The Maximum stay period is 3 years. Thereafter, recipients must leave the US for a continuous period of 3 months before re-applying for the visa. Workers can bring their spouse or children under age 21 under an H-4 classification, but family members are not eligible to work in the state.

On DOL . site you can see the Temporary jobs available in the United StatesAs well as its description, duration, location, payment and contact. Among the employers who hire most temporary workers under this visa North Carolina Farmers Association, IncAnd the Fresh harvest. a company s Wafla.

These are the steps according to the CNN Spanish-language portal.

How do you apply for an H-2A visa?

  1. The worker submits a work order with the State Manpower Agency (SWA)
  2. Then submit your H-2A application to the Chicago National Processing Center (NPC).
  3. Provides Form 1-129 With US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  4. Prospective workers apply for an H-2A visa from the US Department of State and complete their interview at the US Consulate in their home country.
  5. Approved persons must enter the United States at a United States port of entry.

The process takes about 75 days.

If approved, review these terms

On the first working day, the employer must provide each worker with a copy of bypass in your mother tongue. The contract must include the following:

Scheduled working hours and days
– All work conditions such as transportation, housing and food expenses.
– Applicable prices for each harvest or work
– The start and end date of the contract, as well as the location.
– The type of crop you will work in and the jobs.
It must indicate that the supplies and tools required will be provided by the company at no cost and must “provide for any deduction not otherwise required by law.”
The employer must provide housing at no cost to workers who cannot reasonably return home on the same day.
You must also provide each worker with three meals a day that do not exceed the cost specified by the Ministry of Labour, or that provide free cooking facilities. – – – Providing daily transportation from the home provided by the employer to the workplace at no cost to the workers.

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