What is the cost of an I-94 permit to extend a tourist stay in the United States


Because of pandemic happened because of COVID-19 The safety of people who live, work or move along the northern border between Mexico and . has been prioritized United State. However, in recent days there have been some events that suggest this may change.

In principle, both governments seek to cooperate with a Vaccination plan in cities Frontera, for the promotion of tourism, areas of work, leisure and other activities that seek to bear the least possible risks.

One of the hopeful news for these events is that, recently, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Reactivated I-94 . Permits Suspended since March 21, 2020. Find out the cost of this document here the places.

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In a simple way, the file I-94 . Permit Allows passengers to stretch Visa de Turista Entry United StateEnter just over 40 kilometers from the border, or stay in the country for more than 30 days. It will be effective from June 21.

“The restrictions will be maintained in the same conditions in which they have been developed since their implementation, on March 21. Both countries will continue to seek to coordinate health measures in the border area. The measures will be in effect until June 21, 2021,” he said. Secretary of External Relations.

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What is a Form I-95?

formula I-94 (check-in and check-out) and the form I-94W (Entry and Exit / “Visa Waiver Program”) are vouchers used to register the entry and exit of foreign visitors to United State.

However, not all people who enter United State They have to complete forms on paper, for example, if they arrive by sea or air (that is, by ship or plane, respectively), this process is carried out, in most cases, by the same airlines or shipping companies.

Process upon entry United State It’s like this: an officer in US Customs and Border Protection CBP will review each passport and create an electronic proof of entry. The officer will put a stamp on the document indicating the date of admission, the type of admission and the date in which he can stay United State.

If you are traveling by road, it will be necessary to complete electronic application From I-94 . Permit a I-94W, When the tourist leaves United State, You must submit the said form on paper to adequately comply with this process.

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to order this Allow, Those interested can start their process with the CBP One mobile app available at Google or Apple Store, as it is a time-saving and simplified paperwork

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The cost to pay for this I-94 . Permit It’s six dollars, which is the same amount that can be paid in the app. Payment methods are credit card, debit card or PayPal, according to Customs and Border Protection United State.

In this Location You may ask I-94 . Permit Up to seven days before your flight. The history of previous visits will be reviewed, while the user will be able to check the expiration of his electronic permission from his mobile device.

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